Selasa, 15 Agustus 2017

get a friend on the bus

One day, when i went home, my mother sent Whatsapp for me to take some bread in a bakery which was not too far. I decided to go there by bus. On the bus , i saw a girl, whose age is same with mine. she wore the same uniform as i did, but i didn't realize it, so i tried to introduce myself.

I:"Hi, we are in the same school, aren't we?"
Nadhira: "Oh hi, i think so (she smiled)."
I: "My name is Salsa, i'm from class X MIPA 1, nice to meet you."
Nadhira: "Ouh, i'm Nadhira, i'm from class X MIPA 4 nice to meet you too."
I: "Really? i've  never seen you before, although i often hangout at 'saung' with my friends in front of class X MIPA 4."
Nadhira: "Perhaps i prefer staying in the class rather than go out of class."
I: " Oh, i see."
Nadhira:"What are you bringing?"(while she was looking at my plastic bag)
I: "Oh i'm bringing some bread, my mom ask me to take it home."
Nadhira: "You're mother likes any bread, doesn't she?"
I: "Yes, she likes it very much."
Nadhira: "Okay salsa, i get off first. See you later!"
I: "See you later!"

Rabu, 02 Agustus 2017


This is my firs time, create a blog, and now i would like tell you all about myself. and i feel really excited :D. hahaha so let's just start it!

my name is Salsabila Zahra. people like to called me salsa, bila, zahra, caca and many more. you can called me whatever you like. So now i'm 15 years old and i was born in bandung at february 13th 2002. i live in a lovely family. i live with my parents my older sister and my older brother, Although my parents not rich but i love them so much :).

when i was a little  girl i'm the most happy girl ever in my home. i love to run to catch my brother, jump from the chair, playing a paper airplane and many more. talk about my happy child experience i remember that i have painted my wall house because i watched a tv and saw a nice painting so i try to followed it. but the reality is not as high as my expectation. my paint looks like tangled thread and in that time i was laugh so hard, laughing my paint that certainly made by myself.

by the way, talk about my hobbie, i love music very much. i love to sing, i love listening music. i have many of songs, that i got from the internet, my friends, and my brother. i'm very easy to get boring. so when i'm in home and learn a book, read a book, do my homework, i always to listening my music, just to get a spirit. i love music it's also because my brother is the musician. but now my brother in bangkok, Thailand.

so that's my short story, not so interesting but, i hope all of you can enjoy this, forgive me if my grammar are so bad, but hopefully and i will improve my skill,so hopefully next post will be better.CIAO